University Communicators Guide

Our Values

—from the 2016 Strategic Plan for the Future

  • We stand for academic freedom, the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge, and a strong sense of intellectual community characterized by reason, respect, civility, and openness of expression.
  • We share a commitment to academic excellence and will communicate high expectations to our students.
  • We seek the purposeful integration of liberal and applied learning and the provision of full access and equal opportunity for all our students to the knowledge, skills, and habits that form the basis for lifelong learning, civic engagement, and enlightened service in a diverse society and global community.
  • We promote active learning, curiosity, and the recognition that learning occurs in our classrooms, studios, and laboratories, and beyond, through the co-curricular experience, service engagements, social interactions, and other expressions of a full and healthy student environment.
  • We teach not only with the command of our disciplines, but with the force of personal example, enabling us to transmit knowledge effectively through integrity, intellectual honesty, kindness, and enthusiasm.
  • We emphasize both the quality and the spirit of services to our students, employing “student-friendly” policies and practices that foster student achievement and progress to degree.
  • We acknowledge not only the obligation of service, but also the value of service to others in defining institutional character and measuring institutional performance.
  • We hold dear the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding and we pursue diversity not just as an idea to embrace, but as a community to form.
  • We aim to be a community connected in our conversations, confident in our strengths, and intentional in our aspirations.
  • We celebrate a distinctive institutional culture through a keen sense of place, a deep respect for our natural environment, an orientation to the principles and practices of sustainability, and the use of the campus’s entire physical environment to promote the University’s goals.
  • We appreciate the loyalty and achievements of our alumni and retired faculty and staff and the importance of a strong alumni organization to keep alumni informed and engaged with their alma mater.
  • We affirm that we are “One University” where collaboration, mutual support and trust, and common goals define our work together and the spirit of its engagement.

The University is undergoing a process to create a new strategic plan that will guide our efforts for the next decade. See the Strategic Planning website for more information about this process.