University Style Guide

Logos and Wordmarks

All of these marks are registered trademarks and property of Chico State. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

The Institutional Logo

Institutional Logo

The Institutional Logo is the core identity of the University and was designed to honor Lynx rufus californicus, our Wildcat mascot. It is also an enduring symbol of our cherished natural environment and honors our connection to the ancestral lands of the Maidu and Mechoopda people, upon which our institution is built.

Looking brightly toward the future, we seek out and embrace opportunity. With a firm foundation, like the basalt bedrock that grounds our region, we have the confidence to take action daily and dare to do it our own way.

The Institutional Logo is intended for all applications such as marketing communications, student-facing collateral, and college and department materials. It is used in official college and department logos, and may be used as design element on sanctioned apparel, marketing fliers, or newsletters. It should only appear in the Signature Colors.

Design files can be accessed online in multiple formats and in conjunction with the University wordmark. Contact University Communications if other configurations are needed.

Athletics Logo

Athletics Wildcat

The Wildcat is built for speed and always prepared to pounce on the competition. Proud, distinct, and adaptable, our athletics identity is a worthy symbol of the championship culture built and sustained by our student-athletes, coaches, and staff of the past and present.

Our student-athletes train to win—in the classroom and on the field—with a fierce commitment to continuous improvement in order to make a positive impact on the team and the world. Wildcats roar in battle. They roar in celebration. They roar for one another. They are loyal to each other and to the University. Look a little closer and you'll notice a "C" in the snarl, signifying Chico. They roar for all of us!

The Athletics Logo is intended for all applications but especially all things Athletics as well as student-facing collateral and college and department materials. It may be used as a design element on sanctioned apparel, marketing fliers, or newsletters.

For more information, contact University Communications or the Associate Director of Athletics at 530-898-6470.

Big C Spirit Mark

Big C logo

The Big C Spirit Mark pays tribute to the honors athletics association Block C Club, as well as the letters earned by student-athletes for their years of competition. It’s also a tribute to the first letter of our name—Chico—and our state—California, and aims to evoke a sense of pride, loyalty, and tradition

Our spirit mark is the most informal of our logos, created to encourage school spirit and celebrate the student experience. It is available for use across the entire University community, and is also a secondary logo for Athletics programs. It can be used on a wide range of informal materials for student groups, athletics and intramural teams, merchandise and web applications.

The University Seal

University Seal

The University Seal is comprised of several key elements: the year of Chico State’s founding in 1887; the University motto of "Today Decides Tomorrow,” our Wildcat mascot; decorative columns and arches in the architecture of its oldest buildings; and the oak tree, which was a staple for the Mechoopda and remains a tireless symbol of unity and wisdom.

As the formal symbol of the University, the official seal is used selectively and with the distinction appropriate for what it represents. It is intended for formal occasions and materials. Examples include diplomas, certificates, or medals given on behalf of the University, programs for presentations, collateral for formal events, and on official architectural signage.

The University Seal is not for casual use. It should not be used as a department logo or design element on unsanctioned apparel, marketing fliers, or newsletters. Nor should it appear in conjunction with other logos or elements. 

Use of the seal must be approved by University Communications and the Office of the President in advance.

Associated Students Mark

Associated Students Logo The Associated Students logo was created in likeness with the University marks for the first time since their incorporation in 1942.

All materials using the Associated Students logos and wordmarks must be authorized prior to publication and/or distribution. For more information, contact the Marketing Manager of Associated Students at

Institutional Wordmarks

Example of combined wordmarksThe wordmark is the graphic representation of the University name and can be used in all University marketing materials. It can also be combined with the institutional mark and college and department names. 

While both are acceptable, the full name—California State University, Chico—is typically reserved for more formal applications, and the common name—Chico State—can be used for most references to the University, as it is the name by which our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community most often refer to the University.

Alternate configurations are available by request from University Communications. 

Designer's Tip
Usage of the seals and logos is explained in the Identity Guide Overview (PDF), a printable "cheat sheet" of the guidelines. You can also download the full Logo Standards Guide (PDF) for more detailed information.