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Department Responsibility for Separating Employee

  1. Prepare ANSE (Advance Notification of Separating Employee) as soon as information is available regarding the employee’s separation date. Fill in required information following the directions on the form. Send form to the e-mail address, “ANSE” in the global directory.

    NOTE: Upon receipt of the ANSE form, secure computer accesses are canceled on the employee's separation date or last day on campus; cards such as American express Government Travel care (green), Procurement VISA card (blue), and ID door access are also canceled.

  2. At an appropriate time before employee leaves campus, complete a Separation Clearance Form and perform checkout:

    • Notify employee of key or library books to be returned. Collect the departing employee’s signature under the statement, “I understand I must return these items. Failure to do so may result in a bill for penalty fees, property value, and/or cost of security restoration to a room or building.”
    • Notify employee of confidentiality obligation and have them sign under the, “I understand my ongoing responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of university information” statement.
    • Recover all items off the Separation Clearance Form noting the check boxes.
    • Shred American Express Government Travel (green) and Procurement VISA (blue) cards and discard.
    • Collect permanent parking decal and return it to Cashiering zip 242.
    • Have the departing employee contact Human Resources Service Center to verify the current address is on file for W-2 and final warrant purposes, benefits/COBRA, etc.
    • Insure Signature Authorization is updated. Contact Accounts Payable.
    • Collect all keys that may have been assigned to the departing employee and return to the Key Shop in FMS.
    • Send completed Separation Clearance Form to Employment Services zip 010.

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