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Facilities Management and Services

Campus Card and Key Access

Facilities Management and Services is responsible for the issuance of card access and keys. The purpose of this procedure is to provide the highest degree of security and to safeguard the property of our University and the personal property of those who study and work on campus. 

The Key Shop customer service hours are from 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., Mon. - Fri.

Summer hours are from 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., Mon. - Thurs.

Card Access/Key Access/Key Box Access Request (Main Campus)

Please read each of the following before submitting a request for building access:

  1. Requests for building/room access must be submitted by an employee’s manager (MPPs) or their delegate. No employee can request access on their own behalf.
  2. Requests should be made at least one week prior to access start date. If same or next day service is required, please submit a ticket and also contact (530-898-6222).
  3. Once a request is submitted, only the user who the access is requested for will receive an email notification. Both the requestor and the user who the access is requested for will be notified once the access has been granted. To check the status of a request, visit this page:
  4. Please note that FMS does not issue Wildcat ID Cards. Wildcat ID Cards are issued by the Wildcat ID Card Program in Meriam Library room 142. 
  5. To request access, please submit a ticket:

Changes to Existing Card/Key Access 

To request access, see the “Card Access/Key Access/Key Box Access (Main Campus)” section above.

To make changes to existing card access, such as to extend or remove access, approvers or their delegates should email

For issues concerning hard keys, email

 These requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Extension of expiring access
  • Manual removal of card access (Note: this happens automatically resulting from the NOS (Notice of Separation) process).
  • Same-day changes in Wildcat ID Card number (Note: Typically the card access systems update with new badges automatically overnight).

Card/Key Access Requests (Housing) 

For room lockouts, please see the desk attendant (DA) to get a lockout card.

For lost Wildcat ID cards, please follow the below steps:

1)    Notify your resident adviser (RA) as soon possible.

2)    Instructions to obtain a replacement ID Card can be found here:

3)    Once you pick up your new ID card, you will need to notify the FMS Key Shop that you have a new card by emailing your name and 9-digit Wildcat ID # to You do not need to include your new badge number in that email.

4)    Lastly, the door systems typically update with new badge numbers overnight. Email with concerns.

For all other requests including Staff physical access requests, email

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