Facilities Management and Services

Moving and Box Requests

Moving Services provides light-duty moving service throughout Chico State’s campus.

FMS requires a service request  at least 10 working days in advance for any of the following requests:

  • Moving boxes, some furniture and other approved items from one site to another for an office relocation
  • Delivery of tables, chairs, trash cans and lecterns as part of University-sponsored events
  • Moving surplus equipment and furniture to and from the surplus holding area

Frequently asked questions:

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  • Can I order boxes for my move?
    • Yes. Boxes can be purchased and delivered to you from FMS by submitting a service request. In addition, a CAF (Cash Authorization Form) must be sent to FMS zip 0925 to process your payment. Boxes are $35 for 10 boxes, $2 for each additional box. Additional fees may apply for non-state departments. Please submit box requests 10 working days in advance.
  • What do I do with my telephone and computer equipment for my move?
    • Please contact ITSS at 530-898-4357 for your telephone and computer needs for your move. FMS does not move, disconnect, or re-connect your electronic equipment.
  • How do I move my office furniture from one office to another?
    • Please submit a service request 10 working days in advance for your move. If you have modular furniture, FMS does not disassemble, reassemble or move modular furniture. You will need to contact a modular furniture company to assist.
    • Be advised that FMS charges for the moving of everything beyond a single office move.
  • How can I get tables and chairs at my University-sponsored event?
    • FMS can deliver and pick-up tables and chairs for your event. Please submit a service request 10 working days in advance for this request.