WellCat Counseling Center

Outreach & Workshops


I CAN HELP is designed for students, faculty, staff, and other non-mental health professionals. This 2 hour training equips participants with easy to use tools for responding to students in distress.

Facilitators: Counselor & Peer Coach

Day/Time: TBD


Inspired by the Wildcats Thrive Initiative, we are hosting monthly holistic wellbeing workshops for students, faculty and staff. We offer tools and resources for cultivating health, resilience and community.

Facilitators: Celeste Tomasulo

Day/Time: First Tues of the Month 4-5pm

Holistic Emotional First Aid

Facilitators: Umatter & Peer Coach Team

Day/Time: TBD

Request 'Take Back Your Life' for your classroom!

Our diverse team of student interns offer presentations that educate students on mental health, signs of mental struggles, self care, and how to identify and help their friends.

Presentations last around 30-45 minutes. Please email us at our events email : Umatter.events@csuchico.edu with a date and time that you would like a presentation. Our staff will then connect with you about available time slots that our interns can present. *Please email us about 2 weeks before the desired date of presentation.