College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Facilities & Labs

Teaching Labs

The College maintains the following instructional/research labs (fewer than 15 computers/lab):

ECC Labs
LocationLab NameDeptComputers
LANG 117Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics LabCIVL
LANG 118Polymers Manufacturing LabMMEM1
LANG 119Asphalt, Soils and Concrete LabCIVL/CMGT
LANG 120Advanced Concrete and Stuctures LabCIVL/CIMT
LANG 121Concrete Mixing LabCIVL/CIMT/CMGT
LANG 122Thermal-Fluids LabMMEM5
LANG 205Environmental Engineering LabCIVL
OCNL 119Motion Capture & Virtual Environment LabCAGD3
OCNL 130Materials Testing LabMMEM5
OCNL 241Software Engineering and Projects LabCSCI1
OCNL 247ONR Project Research LabEECE6
OCNL 255ECC Senior Projects "Clean Room"ECC
OCNL 337CMGT Instructional LabCMGT5
OCNL 339Controls and PCB Fabrication LabEECE3
OCNL 340Networking and Security LabEECE28
OCNL 341Capstone Projects LabEECE12
OCNL 343Communication and Imaging LabEECE4
OCNL 344Analog and Mixed Signals LabEECE8
OCNL 346Digital Electronics LabEECE
OCNL 432Design WorkshopMMEM
OCNL 434Instructional LabCIMT
OCNL 436Design StudioMMEM1
PLMS 112Omron Mechatronics CoLabMMEM1
PLMS 114Material Removal and Robotics LabMMEM
PLMS 116Material Joining and Metal Casting LabMMEM
PLMS 121Material Removal and Computer-Aided Mfg LabMMEM1

Tech Shop

The College also has a Tech Shop in OCNL 249. The Tech Shop supports a wide variety of electrical and mechanical needs of our College.

Computer Labs

The College maintains the following computer labs (with at least 15 computers/lab):

List of ECC teaching labs with locations and number of computers available.
LocationLab NameDeptComputers
OCNL 127CMGT Instructional LabCMGT
OCNL 131Graphics and Animation LabCAGD30
OCNL 133Collaborative Graphics and Animation LabCAGD8
OCNL 136Graphics and Animation LabCAGD50
OCNL 244Linux LabCSCI30
OCNL 251Linux LabCSCI30
OCNL 334Civil EngineeringCIVL30
OCNL 431Mechatronics LabMMEM18
PLMS 116AMFGT Debriefing RoomMMEM4

Information about the College of ECC Required Student Laptop purchase

ECC Computing Accounts

For all ECC Computing accounts, you may go to College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management Account Portal to either create a new account or to update your existing account. All ECC computing issues should be directed to Todd Anrig, our ECC Systems Administrator.

ECC Unix servers

The College also maintains the following Unix servers:


Note: tiglon is running Open Solaris; jaguar is running Slackware 13.1 x64.