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Using Jamboard for Student Engagement & Assessment

Jamboard is an app in the Google suite of apps.  It is a collaborative workspace in the form of boards (think chart paper in digital form), which may be composed of multiple frames (similar to slides).  Creators and participants may post sticky-notes, write text, import images, draw, and erase when provided the link to the Jamboard with which you wish for them to work.  Jamboards are just one of many online tools that could be used to facilitate collaboration, discourse, problem-solving, or active learning.  It can also be an excellent tool for formative assessment.

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    Examine selected research on online engagement, Jamboard: 

    Moyer-Packenham, P.  (2013).  Effects of virtual manipulatives on student achievement and mathematics learningInternational Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments.  4(30) 35-50. in new window)

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    Ready to use Jamboard in your teaching? Here are some ideas and strategies to get you started:

    1. Design a breakout activity where groups of students will use Jamboard to post responses to a prompt or open-ended question.  
    2. Design a free sort(opens in new window) or directed sort(opens in new window) activity by preloading “cards” or “tiles” into a Jamboard and directing students to sort them either by their own criteria (free sort) or criteria specific to the content with which they are engaging (directed sort).
    3. Design a crowd-sourced brainstorm activity where students can share their initial ideas about a topic.