First-Year Experience Program

About us

Our Team

This section of our website contains photos of all the administrators in FYE, their roles, and their contact information. Also included is a detailed chart of how the command structure functions in our program.

Description, Mission & Goals

This section of the website contains the First-Year Experience Program’s Mission Statement, our Program Goals, our Student Learning Outcomes, and our Program Matrix. Assessments connect to two major kinds of projects, Public Sphere Pedagogy and U-Courses.


Throughout the years that FYE has collaborated with faculty from many disciplines on Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP) efforts, our faculty and students—and faculty from other departments and organizations—have been writing about PSP work. PSP has been successfully disseminated to other campuses through a variety of methods, including site visits, video conference calls, and the PSP Toolkit. A representative set of articles about PSP appears here.


FYE has been fortunate to receive grants from a variety of funders supporting student success in the first year. A list of grants received can be found here.