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Your first year at Chico State is an exciting time, and can be a bit overwhelming! To support your transition, First-Year Experience courses incorporate High Impact Practices, proven to provide the most benefit to college students of all backgrounds, including higher grade point averages, and higher student satisfaction with their education. These first-year courses fulfill general education (GE) graduation requirements and help students explore their identity and interests, develop successful skills and habits, and make close connections to peers and faculty. They include collaborative and active learning, peer support and engagement with public issues that challenge students to get involved immediately, not eventually, as scholars and engaged members of the community.

Research clearly shows that students who become active and engaged members of the university community in their first year are more likely to make it to graduation than students who do not.

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FYE's U-Courses

Spring 2024 U-Courses:

  • JOUR130W-02: Professional Writing for Public Audiences (W)
  • MATH 105-50/51: Introduction to Statistics
  • UNIV 198-01: Peer Mentor Network - First Year Success
  • UNIV 209-01: Theory and Practice of First-Year Learning

Fall 2024 U-Courses:

  • UNIV 101-01-05: Intro to University Life

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