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About PALs & Peer Mentors

FYE offers students two opportunities to mentor first-year students: 

Peer Academic Leaders: 

  • A PAL is a more-experienced peer who is trained to be: 
    • An active facilitator of learning in the classroom by encouraging students to participate, providing feedback, and guiding students through activities 
    • A builder of community within student teams by leading icebreakers and community building activities and by maintaining a team-mindset 
    • A resource guide for students who are new to campus and may not know all that Chico State has to offer
    • A role model as a successful college student who engages with the material and utilizes time management systems and resources on campus

Peer Mentors: 

  • Peer Mentors work in UNIV 198, which is a 2-unit special topics course that is designed to support undeclared students find community, identity, and ultimately a major by the end of their first year. 
  • Undeclared students enrolled in the course gain access to: 
    • A peer mentor (2nd-year and older) who supports students in the classroom and outside of the classroom in 30-minute 1:1 meetings
    • A community of students who are all trying to choose a major
    • Access to information about various majors, minors, and career pathways 
    • Support from an FYE event series (Major Quest) that designs events specifically to help students learn more about the majors offered on Chico State's campus

The U-Course PALs support first-year students in the new U-Course and UNIV 101 curriculum. They are present during every class session as well as outside of class to offer extra assistance.

The UNIV 198 Peer Mentors support first-year students in learning about student success, understanding how the university works, and in choosing a major. 

Students interested in a paid position must first enroll in UNIV 202 in the spring prior to employment as a PAL or Peer Mentor.

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