Graduate Studies

MA/MS in Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Highlights

IDST employs a data-driven approach to determining the level of achievement of its mission and goals. The IDST Graduate Coordinator tracks IDST graduate alumni to see where they are in the world and what contributions they are making. The IDST Graduate Coordinator also conducts exit interviews. Finally, the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has admitted 56 students since 2009. The most notable achievements reveals itself in the number of theses and projects completed. The Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has produced more theses and projects (69) than any other graduate program with the exception of Education (82). Several of our IDST graduates have gone on to further their education by working towards doctoral degrees at prestigious institutions across the country. Finally, our graduate faculty annually produce volumes of scholarly work and make creative contributions to their disciplines. The achievements of our graduate faculty—displayed bi-annually in the graduate studies newsletter(opens in new window)—serve our students by meeting and exceeding the IDST program's missions and goals.

Christopher Adamson

The Floor IS Lava(opens in new window), an animation short created by IDST graduate student Christopher Adamson along with talented 3D production artists from the Applied Computer Graphics program at Chico State, was successfully made in an efficient ten weeks instead of the normally projected year. To successfully create the animation short, Adamson applied his accrued knowledge of 3D production software, project management tools/techniques, and personal investigation of management in production settings. The Production tools and techniques used to create this animation, such as motion capture and 3D modeling soft and hardware, are those found in any major production house such as Autodesk Maya and Optitrack Motive motion capture software. The industry-standard project management tools used in this project are also seen in production houses such as Shotgun and in non-production settings such as MS Project. Adamson conducted a thorough investigation in the film and game industry by personal employment at a freelance motion capture studio where he worked with companies such as Disney and Comedy Central; in-depth discussions with people such as Demian Gordon Lead motion capture supervisor of many major films; and personal research in project management and productions that utilize motion capture systems.

Sandra Becker, Martin Galilee, David Sarmento, Marcella Wolff

ICV Master's program students walking beside Bidwell Mansion.

Graduate Student Accomplishments and Awards

Neil Jacobson won an Excellence in Research Award at the 30th Annual CSU, Chico Student Research Competition and went on to compete at the Statewide Student Research Competition in Bakersfield with his research, titled “Is There More to Color than Salience: Investigating the Role of Color in Legal Decision-Making.” His faculty mentor was Dr. Neil Schwartz, Interdisciplinary Studies ICV Program.

Timmarie Hamill was a featured speaker at CSU, Chico's This Way to Sustainability XI Conference presenting on stormwater runoff and the Big Chico Creek Watershed Citizen Monitoring Program "Stream Team." 

Claudia Beaty was inducted into the CSU, Chico Retired Staff Hall of Honor in 2017.

Kyle Morgado was a top presenter at the 27th Annual CSU, Chico Student Research Competition and went on to compete at the Statewide Student Research Competition in Pomona with his research titled "Effects of Ground Water Pumping for Water Transfers on Ground Water Elevations in the Sacramento Valley." His faculty mentors were Dr. Steffen Mehi, Civic Engineering and Dr. Eric Houk, Agriculture.

Friedrich Kirk won a top award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) student design competition. Kirk won the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Student Design contest and received a $900 cash prize and a travel grant to attend the award symposium.

Kentro Nagase won third place in the Animation category at the Statewide CSU Media Arts Festival with his piece, “Orgel.” Nagase produced his animation as part of his master’s project working with instructor Rick Vertolli.