Graduate Studies

Completion of Thesis/Project/Exam

In addition to the course work requirements, graduate students must also complete any culminating activity required for their program before they can receive the master's degree. Each student will work with his/her department to complete the culminating activity. This page provides information on submitting the culminating activity to the Office of Graduate Studies as part of the process of Filing for Graduation.


The applicable deadline for completion of your Thesis/Project or Oral/Comprehensive Exam is posted at Important Dates and Deadlines.

Final Progress Sheet

Notify the Office of Graduate Studies when you have scheduled your thesis defense, project presentation, or other culminating activity, and request the preparation of the Final Progress Sheet (PDF). (If you need special accommodation to access this document, please contact the Office of Accessible Technology and Services.)

The Final Progress Sheet is normally sent to your graduate advisory committee chair or graduate coordinator, but may also be requested for pick up at the Office of Graduate Studies. This form, when signed by your Graduate Advisory Committee, serves as notification of your completion of the culminating activity component of your program.

Your thesis defense, project presentation or other culminating activity option should be scheduled far enough in advance of the published deadline to allow adequate time to make any revisions or corrections required and complete any necessary follow-up by that date.


More information about the thesis or project is available here.