Graduate Studies

Outstanding Thesis/Project Competition

Each year the Office of Graduate Studies awards both an Outstanding Thesis and an Outstanding Project from the previous 3 semesters – Fall, Spring, Summer. We recently added an option for Outstanding Creative Works to specifically capture the unique contributions of students who are generally in the Humanities whose work may not fit the traditional rubric – including data, methods, etc.

The winners of the Outstanding Thesis, Project and Creative Works are each recognized with a cash award, identified on the master’s commencement program, and are listed on perpetual plaques displayed in the Graduate School. Also included on the perpetual plaques are the names of the chairs of the graduate advisory committee who guided the outstanding Thesis or Project to completion. 


Fall: College committees solicit and evaluate theses, projects, and creative works. Each college may submit a maximum of one thesis, one project, and/or one creative project nomination. Nominee(s) are chosen by each college's Outstanding Thesis/Project Committee from faculty submissions sent by department chairs. After review, each college committee will submit their nominee(s) to the Office of Graduate Studies. 

Colleges are free to set internal deadlines and application procedures that best suit their needs. Departments are encouraged to connect with their college for specific submission procedures.

Winter: Colleges submit their nominees to the Office of Graduate Studies in February of each year.

Early Spring: The University-wide Outstanding Committee chooses a winner in each category.

March: Winners are announced!

2022 Recipients: 

Outstanding Thesis: Samuel L. Winter, MS Psychology
Title: The Impact of Clinician-Perpetrated Sexual and Gender Minority Microaggressions Upon Client Perceptions in Psychotherapy
Committee: Mathew Withers, Ph.D., Chair, Marie Lippmann, Ph.D. and David Hibbard, Ph.D.

Outstanding Project: He-Lo Ramirez, MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Wildland Management
Title: Improving Northwestern Maidu Education in Northern California: A Need for and Creation of Place-Based Culturally Relevant Curricula
Committee: Sara Trechter, Ph.D., Chair and Rachel McBride-Praetorius, M.A.