Human Resources Service Center

Administrative Support (AAS/ASC/ASA) Resources Online

The Administrative Support Resources website is available to speed the onboarding and training for new administrative staff, such as ASA’s and ASC’s. The site provides links to various departments, processes, and other resources that are essential for any administrative staff member.

The site is a collaborative effort between Human Resources, AAS-SME network, Office of Academic Personnel, and Business & Finance’s Strategic Initiatives & Change Management (SICM) teams. The site is maintained by HR with input and tools from the various AA/S staff, departments and colleges.

Special thanks to Dana Shepherd (HRIS), Gretchen Tousey (ACI), Michael Gonsalves (OAPL), April Whitley (HFA) and Roy Dunlap (CME) for their contributions and collaboration on this project. Questions regarding this project can be forwarded to, Human Resources - Professional Development.