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Hiring an International Student

Instructions to Hire an International Student

The following steps on this page will provide information on how to hire an International Student after they have interviewed and received an offer of employment. These steps apply to an International Student who has never worked on campus before and does not have a social security card. If they already have a social security card, please skip to Step 4 of the instructions.

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  • Step 1: International Student obtains position in department

    The hiring department sends the student to the Office of International Education- International Student Advising (SSC 440) with the completed Letter Request Form (PDF)along with a letter from the department with the following information:

    1. Student’s name
    2. Student ID#
    3. Immigration Status (F-1) or (J-1 student) VISA holder
    4. Identify department for which student will work
    5. Identify student’s supervisor
    6. Supervisor contact information
    7. Student’s job title
    8. Student’s estimated start date
  • Step 2: Office of International Education

    The Office of International Education looks the student up and makes sure they have the proper VISA in order to work and prepares a verification of full-time enrollment letter for the student to take to the Social Security Administration Office.

  • Step 3: Social Security Administration
    1. Student takes the following documents to the Social Security Administration to request a Social Security Card.
      • Letter prepared from the Office of International Education
      • Offer letter from their hiring department
      • Passport
      • VISA
      • I-94
      • I-20
    2. The Application for Social Security Card is available online at: Social Security Administration(opens in new window)
      1370 E. Lassen Ave STE 150(opens in new window)
      Chico, CA 95973
      B-line bus #15N
      Local phone number: 866-964-7585
      Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9 AM – 3 PM
      Wed: 9 AM – 12 PM (Excluding Federal Holidays)
    3. The student will then have to wait 2-4 weeks to receive their Social Security Card in the mail in order to start working on campus. They cannot work until we have a social security number. Payroll is not able to enter them into the system to be paid until we have a number.
  • Step 4: Employment Paperwork
    1. After the student receives their Social Security Card in the mail they will come to Kendall Hall room 220 to receive their new employee paperwork and they must have their original:
      1. Social Security Card
      2. Passport
      3. VISA
      4. I-20
      5. I-94 (If the student does not have their I-94, Employment Services can print it for them.)
    2. Employment Services will make copies of the original documents and finalize their new employee paperwork.
    3. Once the student has completed their paperwork they will receive an I-9 Authorization to Work ¼ sheet to give back to their department stating that they are now approved to work.

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