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Tips For On-Campus Interviews

The below information was compiled based on feedback provided to HR by hiring committee members following interviews with on-campus applicants. The hope is that the below information and resources can help our employees be successful when looking at other opportunities on campus.


  1. Fully explain your on-campus experiences and projects.
  2. Dress for the job you are interviewing for.
  3. Answer questions that are asked of you with the same level of detail you would provide to someone who does not work on campus.
  4. Treat everyone on the interview panel with professionalism and respect.
  5. Highlight trainings and courses you have completed to further your career.


  1. Assume people know what you do because they also work on campus.
  2. Dress like this is just any ordinary day.
  3. Provide one word answers and rely on the interviewer to do research outside of the interview that will help them fully understand your response.
  4. Treat anyone on the panel unprofessionally or expect outside experiences or familiarity to override how you present during the interview.
  5. Rely on the panel to research the trainings you have completed.

Resources for Successful Interviews and Career Growth

The following training modules are available to employees through LinkedIn Learning(opens in new window). Simply type the name of the training module into the LinkedIn Learning search field to return the desired result.

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