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AMSS Proxy Guidelines & Process

Individuals do not need to designate their own supervisor as proxy. Each Manager/ Lead can automatically enter and approve absences in AMSS for all levels who report both directly and indirectly to them.

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  • Introduction

    Managers / Leads are responsible for approving their employees’ leave information. The Proxy Request/Approval Process is in place for circumstances where no other feasible option is available. Individuals at Admin III and Admin IV levels have the ability to request a proxy for AMSS approvals of their employees’ leave information. In circumstances where the manager is not available for approvals (e.g. extended leave, unplanned time off or vacations), the Proxy Request/Approval Process should be completed.

  • AMSS Proxy General Information

    Approval of absences through AMSS utilizes “Reports to” functionality. It is designed to automatically allow for a roll up of approval within a unit. Where possible, a manager should approve absences on behalf of their direct report.

    It is important to note that the individual designated for the role of proxy will:

    • Have the authority to enter and approve absences on the behalf of the manager.
    • Have access to see employee groups normally seen when approving time.
    • Be given the same authority the requester has as a manager and will be able to enter and approve absences with the authority both at the requester’s level and the levels below in the hierarchical/organizational tree.
    • Require clear communication from the requester or manager of the area about their role and responsibilities as proxy.

    Approval through the “Reports to” is important to comply with delegation of authority audit requirements as well as to notify the manager above the requester who may need to approve the absences for the requester and/or for the proxy.

  • Proxy Request/Approval Process
    1. The manager (requester) emails a request to the MPP above them explaining the need for this exception and requesting approval for a designated period.
    2. The response from the MPP to this email request will be used as electronic authorization for the delegation of authority for AMSS processes only.
    3. Email approvals should be forwarded to and must include the following information:
      • Requested Period: Start and End Dates
      • Proxy Name / Working Title
      • Requester Name / Working Title: Name and confirmation that they will be unable to perform the function of absence approval for the period specified
      • Manager (the “Reports to” of the requester) / Working Title: Authorization that the proxy is approved to complete this function during the period requested and that they understand they will need to approve the absences for the proxy during this period
    4. HR Security will respond to the Requester, MPP, and proxy to reiterate the responsibilities of the proxy.
  • Proxy Guidelines
    • Delegation of absence approval authority may be requested by Admin III and Admin IV employees only.
    • Requests must be authorized by the manager above the individual submitting the request.
    • No permanent alternate will be allowed.
    • Delegation periods are typically for the duration of the leave or planned time off (e.g. 2 weeks of vacation or 3 weeks of Jury Duty). For executives, the duration period may be longer. Maximum delegation period is 1 year.
    • Proxy delegation of authority must be preauthorized on an annual basis. Proxy delegation must be at the same classification level (or above) as the requester
      • Exception: Dean to Associate Dean authority delegation
    • Proxy must be a State employee, paid by the State of California and may NOT be a student worker or employee of the Foundation or Associated Students.

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