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Career Development Series

Learn how to create your own career growth plan for your future at Chico State. Be introduced to ways to write a résumé that truly summarizes your transferable skills and sharpen s your interviewing expertise.

Series Details

Audience: Campus staff employees.

Sponsor: Human Resources Service Center (HRSC)

Career Path & Résumé Reflection

Discover your strengths, explore Chico State careers, and map out a career path by utilizing these links to free tools.  They include an interest assessment, career and major planning, Skills-Gap Analysis and an Individual Development Plan. Identify areas in which you may need to gain knowledge, skills and education to better qualify for aspiration jobs. As a result, you will be able to design an updated résumé that better reflects your knowledge, skills and experience for a future position in your career path.

Résumé Review

You’ve drafted a résumé and cover letter that you hope has left a positive impression on an employer, but how do you know?

Schedule an appointment with the Career Center on campus. Bring your latest résumé to the appointment and get on-the-spot feedback towards creating an interview-winning document. Even if you’re not looking for a job, this is a great opportunity to quickly update your résumé, get feedback, and ask questions. 

Nailing On-Campus Interviews

How to bring out your best when in the interview hot seat!

Looking for ways to move forward in your career or obtain career opportunities? Review these resources which are geared toward helping employees prepare for on-campus interviews and sharpen their self-presentation skills. 


  • Understand the general interview process
  • Understand how to prepare for an interview
  • Learn ways to present current and helpful information about your skills, abilities, and past work accomplishments

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