College of Natural Sciences

Biology Degree Programs

Program Highlights

Number of Graduates, Spring 2013-2017

ACAD_PLAN_LDESCSpring 2017Spring 2016Spring 2015Spring 2014Spring 20135-Year Totals
Biol: General (BS)31411322
Biol: Cell & Molecular (BS)342514111094
Biol: Ecol, Evol & Organ (BS)102911840
Biological Sciences (BA)862218
Biological Sciences (MS)2421211
Biological Sciences (Minor)11312320
Biological Sciences (Minor)4158422
Microbio: Clinical Lab (BS)10766736
Microbio: General (BS)742114
Yearly Totals7959474448



ProgramFall 2017*Fall 2016Fall 2015Fall 2014Fall 2013

*enrollment incomplete

First Time Freshmen Persistence Rates for Biological Sciences

Persistence within the UniversityPersistence within the Department
Entry YearFTF Count1 Year2 Years3 YearsFTF Count1 Year2 Years3 Years
Fall 201212687%75%71%12660%33%25%
Fall 201313287%74%73%13270%37%29%
Fall 201411684%78%0%11657%34%0%
Fall 201512783%0%0%12754%0%0%

Student Success 2013–2017

Publications (peer reviewed)77
Presentations (talks, posters)206
Graduate or professional program31
Summer internships or research12
Offered professional position12
Grants, contracts and awards67

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