College of Natural Sciences

BS in Nursing

Program Highlights

Our Students

Digital Story Telling by second semester basic BSN students

Jonathan Gurrola

Micayla Dollinger

Honors Students

Claire Yang “Learning Experiences and Coping Strategies Used by Chinese Nursing Students”

Olivia Foy-Claycomb “Identifying Barriers to Use of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Among College-Aged Female Nursing Students at a Public University”

Our Faculty

Aggregate Faculty Scholarly Achievements

Student Feedback

“After receiving the BSN Degree from Chico State, I found myself in a better position to advance professionally and academically. I am very thankful for this program and continue to advocate to my colleagues the high value of attaining a BSN, especially through Chico State.”

“Chico State RN to BSN program gave me the skills necessary to grow as a professional and provided me with a strong foundation for Graduate level Studies”

“This is such a great program and I highly recommend it to any RN. I now see the importance of RNs getting their bachelors. Now that I have a BSN I feel more marketable as a RN, professional, and secure in my career…I was able to handle this program as a single mom working full-time; I feel that I can accomplish anything at this point”

“I truly believe that the BSN degree from Chico State opened new opportunities for my nursing career and has elevated my thought process not just as a nurse, but as a person in general. I am looking forward to further advancing my education, and I thank all the faculty in the RN to BSN program for being a major part in this journey.”