Property Management

Property Survey Board

Responsibility and Authority

As stated in the State Administrative Manual (SAM 3520.2), the California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico) shall establish a Property Survey Board. It will be the responsibility of the Board to determine that the best interest of the State is served in the disposition of State-owned property. When beneficial, the Board shall take into consideration intra-campus utilization and transfer of State-owned property. At least two members of the Property Survey Board (SAM 3520.2) will approve all property survey reports and any transfers of location of equipment to another State agency (STD. 158). When disposing of capitalized State-owned property items, at least three members of the Property Survey Board shall approve the property survey report. The Property Survey Board will consist of a sufficient number of members that both business management and program responsibilities are represented from the University community. The Property Management Office representative(s) will act in an advisory capacity to the Board. CSU, Chico’s Property Survey Board will consist of seven (7) members: Four (4) permanent and three (3) appointed.

Board Members

All members shall be appointed by the California State University, Chico Vice President for Business and Finance. The membership of the Property Survey Board shall consist of the following permanent members:

  1. Director of Property Management & Business Services (Chairperson)
  2. Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety
  3. Director of Procurement and Contract Services
  4. Director of Risk Management
  5. Property Management Office representatives (Advisory capacity)

One or more representatives from the following areas to serve a two-year term:

  1. Information Technology Support Services
  2. Academic Affairs
  3. Student Services

The three non-permanent members will be appointed upon recommendation of the permanent board members. The Property Survey Board shall meet at a minimum once a quarter.

Current Board

  • Mike Thorpe –Chair Property Survey Board
  • Sara Rumiano-Director Procurement and Contract Services
  • Scott Kodai-Director Information Technology Support Services
  • Tom Ussery-Space and Facilities Utilization Specialist
  • Corinne Knapp-Associate Director University Housing
  • Corinne Beck-Lieutenant University Police