Safe Place

Diversity Promise

Dear Potential Clients of Safe Place,

I wanted to add a page to specifically acknowledge the LGBTQ+ community and communities of color. Too often we brush issues that arise in support services, and in doing so we (the white and privileged) further oppressing you.

I want to be intentional and clear that Safe Place is truly a safe place for you. It is meant to valid and honor your experiences. I can promise you that I will not invalidate your experiences, and will not undermine the unique challenges you face.

Secondly, I think it is important for you to know that I understand the history of white women “helping” black and brown people, playing into a white savior complex. There are so many reasons that I have led me to do this work, and ideally, there would be enough LGBTQ, black and brown service providers that we would not be the ones doing the work. However, because of the systems in place, this Is not the case.

Lastly, I am dedicated to updating my knowledge about my own cultural competencies, and how that can impact you in the services you can receive from Safe Place. While I do not expect clients to teach me, I will check-in regularly to make sure you are continuing to feel safe, supported, and seen as we work together.


Alix MacDonald
Safe Place Advocate Administrator