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Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention is the ability to recognize a potentially harmful situation and choosing to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome. We all have the power to potentially prevent and/or provide support to individuals who are at risk to experience harm. We should never do this at the expense of our own safely but reading through the points below can provide you tools to safely and creatively intervene in a situation.

You’re at a party or out drinking. Someone nearby has had a lot to drink and is being harassed or manipulated by someone you think may do something physically harmful to them. What do you do?

C – Create a distraction

"Let's go get some pizza, I'm starving."

Start an activity that draws others in

A – Ask directly

"Who did you come with?"

"Would you like me to stay with you?"

R – Refer to an authority

Talk to a security guard, bartender, or call 911

E – Enlist others

Ask someone to come with you to approach the person at risk

Ask someone to intervene for you

Enlist the friend of the person you're worried about