FAFSA School Code: 001146

Regional & Continuing Education (RCE) Fundable Programs

The Center for Regional & Continuing Education (RCE), associated with California State University, Chico, offers a variety of programs and courses to residents of the North State. Financial aid eligibility is contingent on admission and enrollment in a degree-granting or credential program at CSU, Chico. Registration in special session courses and extension workshops does not constitute admission to CSU, Chico. If you are interested in formal admission to the University, contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-542-4426 or 530-898-4428. University admission requirements are outlined in the University Catalog.

General Financial Aid Guidelines

CSU, Chico students enrolled in the RCE Professional MBA program, RN-BSN program, BS Computer Science Online, MS Computer Science Online, or the MA Math Education programs, may be eligible for federal financial aid. State aid (Cal Grant, State University Grant) and fee waivers (including Cal-Vet fee waivers and employee fee waivers) are not available for these programs.

Students who are regularly matriculated into a degree program at Chico State, and are enrolled in transferable RCE courses that will be posted on their transcripts, may be eligible for federal aid. RCE classes are not eligible for state funding (Cal Grant, State University Grant) and fee waivers (including Cal-Vet fee waivers and employee fee waivers). State aid eligibility is based on regular enrollment. To maintain state aid eligibility, a student must maintain a minimum of half-time regular session enrollment.

In order to be eligible for federal aid, online students must be residents of the same state where the institution providing the on-line instruction is located.  Residents of a state participating in an online degree program that is provided by an institution located in a different state are not eligible for federal financial aid.

RCE students enrolled in less than half-time coursework and all other Open University students are not eligible for student aid, including federal loans, but may apply for Alternative Continuing Education loans only. These are private loans processed directly through banks and financial lending institutions. Students should not file a FAFSA if they are eligible only for Alternative Continuing Education loans. For more information, students can consult their local bank or search online for non-certified “Alternative Continuing Education Loan” options. To learn more about loan terminology, see our Web page on loans.

How to Apply

Students in programs eligible for funding may apply for financial aid by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There is no cost to apply. You must complete a new or renewal FAFSA for each academic year for which you will be enrolled. When completing the FAFSA, students must include CSU, Chico in Step 6. Chico State’s Federal School Code is 001146.

If you are eligible for alternative continuing education loans only, you do not file a FAFSA. These loans are borrowed directly from a lending institution.

Financial Aid Eligibility for Specific RCE Programs

See the chart below to determine your financial aid eligibility based on classification and program plan.

Program of Study Program Plan Enrollments Requirements General Financial Aid Eligibility
Master’s Degree Professional MBA, Computer Science Online, Math Education Minimum of 4 units (half-time); full-time is 8 units
  • Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Graduate PLUS loans
Bachelor’s Degree

Computer Science Online
RN-BSN Program

Minimum of 6 units (half-time); full-time is 12 units
  • Pell Grant (minimum enrollment is 3 units for Pell)
  • Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Parent PLUS loans
RCE Open University Not admitted to or enrolled in degree program
  • Alternative Continuing Education Loan (private)

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Additional Financial Aid Information for RCE Students

RCE fees are not state-supported university tuition fees. Therefore, state aid (Cal Grant, State University Grant) and fee waivers (including Cal-Vet fee waivers and employee fee waivers) are not available for these programs.

Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress (passed a minimum of 75 percent of units attempted) before we can release future aid.

CSU, Chico processes Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS loans through the U. S. Department of Education Direct Loan program. You must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for these loans. As long as you have not defaulted on previous student loans, and you have not reached the aggregate loan limits, you will qualify for a Stafford loan.  Credit approval is only required for PLUS or Graduate PLUS.

Disbursement Timeline

Once you are admitted into your program, your financial aid can be set up based on your eligibility and full-time enrollment. Your aid will disburse based on actual enrollment. You will be notified by e-mail of your financial aid offer. You will need to access your Student Center through the portal to accept, reduce, or decline your financial aid offer. You will also need to check your Student Center to determine if there is anything on your "To Do List” that you must complete for funds to be disbursed.

Fee payment can be deferred if you have a completed financial aid file and a financial aid offer for the semester which will cover your charges. When financial aid funds are disbursed, fees are deducted from your award, and any remaining amount will be either directly deposited into your checking account or sent to your mailing address.

The preferred method for receiving your aid is via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). If you have not signed up for EFT, a check will be sent to your mailing address.

Loan Deferment

You are eligible for loan deferment if you are enrolled at least half-time in a financial aid-eligible program. The Student Records and Registration Office sends enrollment information after the University Census date each semester to the National Student Loan Data System, which notifies the Department of Education of your enrollment status. Your student loans can continue to be deferred until you complete your program or drop below half-time enrollment.

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