Office of Civic Engagement


  1. Support students in advocating for connections in their learning to their home contexts and
    increasing the relevancy of university programs. For instance, how do the unique qualities of
    rural Modoc County impact how all nursing students think about their future work?
  2. Help all Chico State students to make connections between what they are learning in their
    major and how that might contribute to vitality in our region. For example, how might a
    Media Arts student connect their learning to opportunities for promoting tourism in
    northern California?
  3. Provide opportunities for Chico State students to connect youth in their hometown to the
    intellectual resources on campus. Many area high schools now require seniors to job
    shadow or intern. One idea is that college students in the SAGE Program (Entrepreneurship)
    could distance-mentor Siskiyou students who are interested in the business profession.
  4. Support students in civic engagement efforts both on campus and in their home
    communities. For instance, how might they use their participation in voter registration on
    campus to support similar efforts at home?
  5. Create opportunities for students to engage in the complex conversations related to Town
    Hall Meeting and the Chico Great Debate as it relates specifically to rural contexts. Students
    could apply their ability to engage in civic dialogue with others on campus and with people
    in their home communities about important topics of local and regional interest.
  6. Help to connect students to resources with which they may be unfamiliar in order to
    increase their success in completing their degree on time. This would include mentoring in
    how to attend office hours, access the Chico Student Learning Center, etc. (This objective
    complements or supplements other student support programs such as the Student Success
    Center (REACH), EOP, TRIO, CCLC, FYE, Native American Club, 1 st Gen Organization, etc.)
  7. Assist Chico State students in connecting alumni or professionals in their home communities
    as a resource for other Chico State students or faculty. For example, how might a student’s
    connections with a rural county commissioner back home result in an internship or job
    opportunity for another student interested in rural/regional public administration?
  8. Support interested students to create an alumni network in the northern region to provide
    ongoing mentorship to our North State graduates.