Chicano/ Latino Council

Collaboration with Chico State Presidents

As one of the Chico State cultural affinity groups, CLC leadership has the privilege of meeting regularly with Chico State Presidents and the executive cabinet.

President Steve Perez
Next scheduled CLC meeting is scheduled on May 9, 2024, with the President and Cabinet.  Stay tuned with updates!

President Hutchinson
CLC leadership is honored that President Hutchinson took the time to meet with us and collaborated on resolving Latinx issues from across the campus.

In Fall 2017, President Hutchinson asked the CLC leadership to draft a position paper about the current issues Latinx students, staff, faculty, and administrators face, outlining recommendations for solutions. CLC executive board members and strategic Latinx campus members gathered in December 2017 to brainstorm the requested position paper. In March 2018, the CLC presented the completed position paper (embedded below) to President Gayle Hutchinson, the Vice-President for Student Affairs Milton Lang, and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Debra Larson.

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