Ecotherapy Program

Moonlight Forest Bathing

a full moon rises above the butte creek cliffs

The Chico State Ecotherapy program holds a special moonlit forest therapy walk each month at the Butte Creek Ecological Preserve, around the night of the full moon. This event provides a special opportunity for participants to engage with the nature world. Come enjoy a safe and familiar outdoor space through the unusual and illuminating perspective brought by the full moon.

You can register for the upcoming full moon forest bathing walk on our upcoming events page

Studies from around the world have shown that Forest Therapy can:

  • Improve respiratory and cardiovascular function.
  • Decrease anxiety and depression.

  • Improve mood, focus, academic performance, and creativity.

  • Reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels.

  • Enhance immune system function by increasing the production of natural killer cells that fight cancer.

Brought to you by Chico State Basic Needs, in partnership with the CSU, Chico Ecological Reserves and the WellCat Counseling Center, with funding from the North Valley Community Foundation.