Ecotherapy Program

Bethany Dorin

Wildflower Open Classroom

Bethany is a teacher of the biological sciences and humanities and a naturalist by design. She began practicing Forest Therapy with the founder of ANFT, Amos Clifford, in 2013, and recently became an ANFT certified guide and ANFT mentor for Forest Therapy Guides in Training. Bethany has a B.A. and M.S. in Biological Sciences with a focus in Ecology and Fisheries Biology and has been teaching these topics since 2008, as well as guiding groups in nature and outdoor adventures, and high and low ropes course events. Bethany is also a certified yoga teacher and incorporates her knowledge and passion for breathwork and body connection into all that she does.

"I've always enjoyed sharing experiences in nature with students and family. Following the Camp Fire, this seemed critical to expanding those experiences with the Community. Forest Therapy is an excuse to get out in nature and feel like I'm experiencing something new for the first time."

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Portrait of Bethany Dorin