Ecotherapy Program

Emiliano Cornejo

Trainer, Coach & Consultant
Butte College, NVCF & Enloe

Emiliano, originally from Jujuy (Northern Argentina), moved to Chico 10 years ago. He likes to say he is a recovered economist, and now his passion is working with and around people. He is the lead trainer for the Resiliency Program at The Training Place, Butte College, where he works with many organizations in Butte and Glenn, building a trauma-informed and resiliency-focused workforce and community. He also works as a coach for the CARE team with their suicidal youth prevention program and co-facilitates the Cancer Support Group at Enloe’s Cancer Center.

"I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think I needed Forest Therapy. I have been an outdoor person my whole life, and I felt this was for people who lived in cities with little access to nature. I was wrong. After my first experience, I realized I needed this in my life. I need an opportunity to slow down, observe, feel and connect with nature. It is simple and doesn’t feel “new agey” to me – I just love this practice. I love slowing down and the opportunity to connect with myself, my natural surroundings, and the people I am walking with."

Portrait of Emiliano Cornejo