Compensation Information

What is Compensation?

Pay provided by an employer to an employee for his/her services rendered.  Compensation comprises elements of pay, such as base pay, differential pay, etc. and can be identified as either direct or indirect compensation.

Direct Compensation Includes:Indirect Compensation includes (if eligible):
  • Base Pay
  • Differential Pay
  • Stipends
  • Overtime
  • Legally Required Benefits (Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation and FMLA)
  • Disability Insurance and Income Protection
  • Medical, Vision and Dental Benefits
  • Pay for Time Not Worked (Holidays, Sick, Vacation, Jury Duty, Bereavement)
  • Unpaid Leave
  • Flexible Benefit Plans (Flexible Spending Accounts)

What is the Difference Between an In-Range Progression (IRP), an In-Class Progression (ICP) and a Classification Change?

In-Range Progression (IRP)In-Class Progression (ICP)Classification Change

Each Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines the specific requirements to submit an IRP.

If approved, an increase in pay within a salary range for a single classification, or within a sub-range of a classification that has skill levels.

Advancement or movement to a higher skill level and the corresponding sub-range within a classification that includes more than one skill level.  Each skill level is assigned its own salary band. Examples of classifications include IT Series, AA/S Series and Confidential Office Support Series. A job evaluation that identifies the best fit for the majority or most critical aspects of the position’s work assignments and requirements


Classification Review Forms/Procedures

In-Range Progression Form and Process Instructions

Bonus Plans and Stipends

Bonus Information

A bonus is a one-time lump sum payment that is not a permanent increase to an employee’s base salary. Bonus award eligibility varies by Collective Bargaining Agreement or MOU. The employee will receive a separate check for a bonus. Bonuses are flat taxed. 

Bonus Forms

  • Bonus Form for CSUEU (Word)
  • Bonus Form for APC – Coming Soon
  • Bonus Form for SUPA – Coming Soon
  • Bonus Form for SETC – Coming Soon

Stipend Information

Stipends are paid on a monthly basis, are not prorated by start date, the full amount is received regardless of effective date in a pay period.  The employee will receive a separate check for stipend pay. Stipends are flat taxed.  If the employee is currently contributing to CalPERS at a full-time rate, the earnings from this stipend will not be included in CalPERS calculations.  Stipend award eligibility varies by Collective Bargaining Agreement or MOU.

Stipend Forms

  • Coming Soon

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