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Human Resources Service Center

Position Description Library

The Position Description Library provides CSU, Chico state employees, leads and managers access to view and download position descriptions. The library contains the most current position descriptions for active staff and management employees in state supported positions. In addition, those who have gone through the current position description review process will have both the scanned copy of the position description and an electronic copy that can be downloaded in a form fillable format. (opens in new window) is the campus point of access for documents stored library. To log into the library employees will use their Chico State portal username and password.

  • Employees have access to their own position description.
  • Leads have access to position descriptions for employees reporting directly to them.
  • Managers have access to position description for employees both directly and indirectly reporting to them.

Position Descriptions that have been recently reviewed by Classification and Compensation will have two formats available to employees.

  • A scanned copy from the official personnel file that has all the appropriate signatures.
  • A downloaded copy able to be modified when changes occur and sent electronically for review.

Implementation Timeline

  • Pilot - May 2013 - October 2013
  • Campuswide file load - July 2013 - December 2013
  • Campuswide Go Live - January 2014