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Call for News & Orion Nominees


The News Hall of Fame honors former students, former advisers and friends of The Orion who have made significant impacts on The Orion, journalism and related fields, and/or who have otherwise made exceptional contributions to society based in part on experience gained at The Orion. The Hall of Fame will serve as a means to keep alumni actively involved in support of The Orion and to encourage current Orion students toward excellence in their chosen career path.


  • Any former Orion staff member is eligible for nomination beginning 10 years after the end of his or her Orion involvement.
  • Any former adviser is eligible for nomination beginning three years after his or her last day of advising The Orion and full-time employment at California State University, Chico.
  • Friends of the program may be nominated based on special support or defense of The Orion, either during an exceptional situation or over the course of many years.


  • Nominations may come from alumni, faculty, staff or friends of the department. 
  • Submit a brief nominating letter (email preferred), professional bio and/or resume of the nominee, and complete contact information for the nominee.
  • All nominations are submitted to J&PR Chair Aaron Quinn


  • A faculty committee of three will review all nominations. At least two-thirds support of the committee is needed for induction. No more than three inductees will be permitted in each induction cycle.

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Contact J&PR Department Chair Aaron Quinn

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