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Externships/Internships in NFSC

What is the Difference Between an Externship and an Internship?

NFSC uses the term "externship" rather than "internship" to help students distinguish between these supervised experiences (externships) that are completed during your undergraduate education and a true AND-accredited dietetic internship that is only applied for upon completion of our AND-accredited General Dietetics Major Option.

Below are some helpful links so that you can begin exploring possible externship opportunities during your Undergraduate career.

Faculty to Help You Find an Externship Placement (NFSC 489/489C)

Nutrition Management

If you are interested in Nutrition Management, you have three options: 

Nutrition Management Option One

1. If you are interested in School (K-12) or Health Care Nutrition Management: Dr. Joan Giampaoli, Holt 326 x6410

Nutrition Management Option Two

2. If you are interested in Nutrition Program Management with the Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) or Food Safety: Stephanie Bianco, Holt 334 x4759

Nutrition Management Option Three

3. If you are interested in Food Science or Food Systems Management: Dr. Maria Giovanni, Holt 336 x4023,

Food and Nutrition Communication

If you are on the option Food and Nutrition Communication, you must complete NFSC 489/489C units in your chosen area of study.

Lifecycle Nutrition

If your area of study is Lifecycle Nutrition, you have three options:
Lifecycle Nutrition Option One

1. Contact the Center for Healthy Communities. There are many choices for types of experience you may apply for; including administration and technology, public relations and media, food security and CalFresh Outreach, senior meals, local food system promotion, community and school-based nutrition education, community and school-based physical activity promotion, and community health and policy.

CHC Employment(opens in new window)
CHC Internships

NOTE:Applications are required, and due weeks before the start of the semester you hope to gain the experience.

Lifecycle Nutrition Option Two

2. Contact Dr. Julie Holland if you are interested in preschool and K-6 child nutrition: Holt 322 x6567,

Lifecycle Nutrition Option Three

3. Contact Dr. Michelle Morris, Holt 355 x4757, or Dr. Maria Giovanni, Holt 336 x4023, if you are interested in senior nutrition.


If your area of study is Media - Contact Dr. Maria Giovanni: Holt 336 x4023,

Sports Nutrition

If your area of study is Sports Nutrition - Contact Tracy Berman: Holt 349 x4030,

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