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Nutrition and Food Science

Option in Food and Nutrition Communication

Mission, Goals, and Outcomes


The Mission of the Food and Nutrition Communication Option is to:

  • Provide a broad educational background to develop competent and productive students that can apply their knowledge and communication skills for careers as nutrition educators or other nutrition-related careers.
  • Prepare students to work with culturally diverse populations by engaging students in pre-professional food and nutrition communication related experiences that serve Northern California.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Goal One

    Goal 1: Provide pre-professional, practical training opportunities that benefit the students while serving the diverse Northern California community.

    • Objective 1.1: At least 90% of students will complete a nutrition-related practicum or externship experience that serves the Northern California community prior to program completion.
    • Objective 1.2: At least 70% of students will report on their exit survey that they participated in a pre-professional organization (e.g. student nutrition clubs, Center for Healthy Communities, FitU, California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and other relevant professional organizations).
  • Goal Two

    Goal 2: Graduate diverse, competent, entry-level practitioners who obtain employment in nutrition or related fields.

    • Objective 2.1: Over a five-year period, at least 60% of graduates will obtain employment in nutrition management or related fields within 12-24 months of their graduation date.
    • Objective 2.2: At least 30% of the BS students will identify with a race/ethnicity or gender that is often underrepresented in the field of nutrition and nutrition management.