College of Natural Sciences

2000: Marshall L. Ginter

Chemistry, 1957

Marshall L. Ginter is a professor at the Institute for Physical Science and Technology at the University of Maryland and an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana. His current research centers on electronic structures in atoms and small molecules, high resolution spectroscopy, vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray spectroscopy and high and ultra high vacuum instrumentation. Ginter graduated cum laude in 1957 with a BA in Chemistry and a minor in Physics. He received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt in 1961. His academic career includes positions at Vanderbilt, the University of Chicago, Physikalische Anstalt de Universitat Basel, as well as University of Maryland and University of Urbana. He was a consultant for twenty-eight years for the E.O. Hulbert Center for Space Research, Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. and a guest worker at the National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, M.D. A writer of more than 100 articles, Ginter has published articles in publications such as Journal of Chemical Physics and the Journal of Optical Society of America. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.