New Student Orientation & Transition Programs

Student Resources & Services for Online Students

We have a tailored Orientation session for our fully distance education students. Register Here(opens in new window) for dates and times.

Below is a list of services available to Chico State students. Please take advantage of all services that will support
you as you earn your degree online at Chico State. If you have questions regarding a specific service available to
online students, contact the respective office. 

Student Resources and Services
○ Utilize the Student Resources and Services webpage(opens in new window) to find campus services from Advising to

Accessibility needs?
○ The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) supports with students who have disabilities and provide
reasonable accommodations. Learn more regarding the services by visiting their website(opens in new window).

Microsoft Office Suite
○ Microsoft offers the Office 365 Education to all students with a valid school email address. Learn(opens in new window)
more.(opens in new window)

The Chico State Writing Center Provides Live Zoom Tutoring
o The Chico State Writing Center provides all students the opportunity to receive writing assistance
using Zoom. These live sessions are perfect for students who need assistance with:
▪ Understanding and meeting writing assignment requirements
▪ Planning and getting started on a writing assignment
▪ Discussing ideas & helping to develop them
▪ Helping to set & meet priorities for revision
Zoom tutoring is offered both by appointment and drop-in:
o Appointments: To schedule a Zoom appointment, please call the Student Learning Center at (530) 898-
6839. Appointments are guaranteed 1-hour tutoring sessions scheduled at least a day in advance.
Appointments can also be scheduled to recure weekly, allowing students to work with the same tutor every
week throughout the semester.
o Drop-In: To access Zoom online drop-in, go to the Writing Center website(opens in new window) and click on “Drop-In for a Virtual
Session (Zoom)” and follow the directions. Drop-in sessions are same-day, 30 minutes sessions that are on
a first-come, first-served basis.
○ Ther Writing Center also provides an Online Feedback Submission service:
▪ To utilize this service, visit the Writing Center website and click on “Submit My Draft for Feedback.”
Feedback will be provided by 2-3 writing tutors and is limited to the first 5 pages of an assignment.
Submissions will be returned via email within 3-5 business days.

Chico State’s Meriam Library
The Library(opens in new window) has many resources available online. From “Ask a Librarian” to “Databases A-Z(opens in new window)”,
students can directly contact the subject librarian(opens in new window) most specific to their assignment/research.
Emailing works best to initiate contact, and the librarian can schedule a phone or Zoom

Chico State Career Center
○ Regardless of where you live during your time as a student, all students have access to the
incredible resources offered from the Chico State Career Center.(opens in new window)
○ Online students can make an appointment to discuss career planning, work on resumes or cover
letters, find internships or job fairs in your local area, and more!

○ All students, faculty and staff have Zoom Pro software access. Each semester Chico
State students use Zoom in a variety of ways - from attending class to accessing student
services. Set up Zoom study groups and excel in your classes. Create your account(opens in new window)
today.(opens in new window)

WellCat Counseling Center
○ Psychological counseling and consultation are available to all Chico State students 24/7
by calling 530-898-6345. They offer a variety of group sessions(opens in new window) through Zoom throughout
the semester (soon to be updated for Spring 2023).
○ During regular business hours (M-F, 8 am-5 pm), students may call the WellCat
Counseling Center to utilize crisis services. After hours (evenings and weekends),
counselors are available via phone for brief consultation. There are helpful online
resources on the WellCat Counseling Center webpage(opens in new window).

Health Center Services
○ The WellCat Health Center strives to assist each student with their diverse healthcare needs. Its
resources and services are all included as part of our students' Chico State education, so there is
no or little extra cost to use them. Whether a student needs primary or acute care, support with
reproductive health or immunization, or access to a pharmacy or labwork, WellCat is here for
WellCat services are even easier to access thanks to a new 24/7 telehealth service! Students can
register now(opens in new window) to be part of TimelyCare, a virtual extension of our campus resources.
• Convenient 24/7 care: Physical and mental health issues often present outside regular
business hours. TimelyCare makes seeking support or treatment as convenient as making a
video or phone call.
• Reduced wait times: Typical consultations for on-demand services through TimelyCare begin
within 5-10 minutes.
• Diverse provider network: In addition to being from diverse backgrounds, TimelyMD providers are
trained to be culturally competent and can self-identify as LGBTQ+, speaking multiple languages and/or
celebrating various religious traditions. Students can choose to meet with a specific provider or select the
first available.
• Peace of mind: TimelyCare is a safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform committed to your privacy
and can coordinate follow-up to ensure continuity of care.
○ If you live near a California State University campus you can access that campus’ Student Health
Center for free. Review our Student Health Center webpage(opens in new window) for details.

Keys to Succeeding as an Online Student
○ How will you succeed as an online student? Learn from your peers. We have taken
comments from past and current Chico State online students and created a page with the
ins and outs of being an online student. Take an opportunity visit the website(opens in new window).

LinkedIn Learning
○ All Chico State students have access to thousands of training modules from how to use special
functions in MS Word to well, most anything you can think of. Keep this resource(opens in new window) in mind when you
what to know more.

Financial Wellness Clinic
○ Do you find yourself struggling with financial stress? The Financial Wellness Clinic(opens in new window) is offering
financial planning information to students in the areas of budgeting, credit scores, student loan
repayment, retirement planning, and many other areas of personal finance. If you are struggling
with financial stress and need someone to talk to, anyone can schedule an online appointment with
our resident financial planner or our para-planners to discuss options and formulate a financial
plan. Book an online appointment today!(opens in new window)

Basic Needs
○ About forty percent of CSU System students experience food insecurity during their time as
students. The Basic Needs program(opens in new window) at Chico State assists students experiencing food insecurity
and homelessness. The office can help online students with CalFresh USDA SNAP food benefit
assistance and direct students to local food pantries in their communities

Chico State Associated Students
○ The Associated Students invites all students to attend Government Affairs committee meetings
through virtual meeting. Committees include: Board of Directors (BOD,) Government Affairs
Council (GAC,) Associated Students Facilities Committee (ASFC,) Associated Students Business
Committee (ASBC) as well as attend councils and committees: Community Affairs, Sustainability
Affairs, Legislative Affairs, Student Engagement Committee via zoom. Information on these
meetings, councils and committees including official minutes and Zoom links can be found
at in new window). These are the committees that decide how to utilize
student fees paid to the Associated Students. All students, including online students, are
encouraged to run for or apply to be on these committees and councils.

Wellbeing App from the Well, a Program from the Associated Students
○ The Well has partnered with Insight Timer, a wellbeing app for sleep, stress, and anxiety. Insight
Timer offers over 170,000 breathwork practices, guided meditations, and courses from the world’s
leading mindfulness teachers, musicians, and psychologists. The Well staff encourage students
who are new to meditation to start with the 7-day Learn to Meditate Course(opens in new window). Those looking to
expand personal development skills can utilize courses such as imposter syndrome(opens in new window) and unconscious bias(opens in new window).
To access:
Step 1: Download Insight Timer by clicking this link: in new window) or by downloading the
Insight Timer App
Step 2: Create account
Step 3: Click the Profile button in the upper right corner of the Home screen
Step 4: Select Workplace and enter your email address

University Student Announcements
○ Daily Student Announcements(opens in new window) are emailed to all Chico State students and connects them to the
University and activity opportunities. Take two minutes each day to read the headlines, click on the
links to learn more to consider new experiences and possibilities.

New Student Parent Group - Chico State Students with Children
○ The Student Parent Group will meet once a month to discuss topics related to the unique
challenges faced by students caring for minors. This will be an opportunity for student parents to
connect and socialize with fellow student parents and share ideas, tips and resources. Nutrition,
basic needs, housing, wellness and financial assistance programs will also be shared to support
those in need of those resources. Find more here(opens in new window).

Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC)
○ Follow the Wildcat Recreation Center on Facebook ( in new window)) and
Instagram ( in new window)) for workout ideas you can do at home.