Parking Services

Commercial Parking

Contractor Parking

All contractors and subcontractors hired by the University are required to pay for parking when parking in campus parking lots. Contractors who wish to purchase long-term, semester parking for their employees will be able to do so through Student Financial Services(opens in new window). Should the contractor require individual employees purchase their own permits those employees will need to purchase permits through the Passport App or any permit dispenser. Any vehicles parked in the assigned laydown/project fenced area will not be required to purchase a permit. However, the laydown area should not be considered a primary parking area.  Parking with a permit is allowed 7:30am-5:00pm in any area posted as general parking.  It is understood some contractors may have employees that are called to the job site last minute who do not have a permit already assigned/purchased. Permits may be purchased through the Passport App or at any permit dispenser.

For more parking information please refer to Where to Park(opens in new window) or call (530) 898-4524(opens in new window).

Vendor Parking

Vendors using campus parking lots are required to purchase a permit valid for general parking areas. Vendors are also restricted to loading zone and time restricted stall regulations.

Contracted vendors may have limited access to inner campus. Inner campus access may require authorization from one or more university offices including: Facilities Reservations, University Police Parking Services, Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management. Inner campus access is controlled by gates and specific hours.

Media Parking

A designated media stall is located on the 4th floor (near elevator) of the parking structure at the corner of W 2nd and Chestnut Streets. A marked agency vehicle or verifiable press identification is mandatory. A parking permit is not required.

Loading and Timed Zones

Loading zones are intended for the active loading and unloading of equipment. Loading zones are not parking spaces.

Timed zones, may also be loading zones, are for short term use only. Parking permits are not required. The zone will be enforced based on the time allotment.

Inner Campus Access

Inner Campus consists of the pedestrian walkways and service roadways within the gates around campus. Authorization from Parking Services and/or Facilities Reservations is mandatory to travel by vehicle inside Inner Campus. Permission to access is not guaranteed. Vehicles found to be in violation of parking restrictions are subject to citation.

Inner Campus access is restricted between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Inner Campus access for accessibility stall use requires authorization from the Accessibility Resource Center and Parking Services.