Sustainability at Chico State

Become a Green Graduate Today!

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Each year, around 4 million students graduate & enter the workforce. No matter what field or career a student ends up in, they should strive to make sustainable choices in both their future professional careers and personal lives. 

What is the Green Graduate program?

The Green Graduation Program includes the Green Graduate Pledge; A program which promotes the use of sustainable practices both in and out of the workplace.

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The Pledge:

“I _______, pledge to take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organization for which I work.”

-Graduation Pledge Alliance

Why should I become a Green Graduate?

 Although it may not always seem like it, every field is related to the social and environmental aspects included in the Green Graduate Pledge. Graduates are in the unique position to help pave the future by making environmentally conscious decisions and inspiring those around them.By taking this pledge you are committing to leading a socially and environmentally conscious life after graduation. 

*Inquire with Green Campus for any questions about the program!

How to become a Green Graduate

In order to become a green graduate, students must first sign up here(opens in new window) and attend one sustainability focused event found on the calendar below , and take the Green Graduate Pledge. Green Graduates receive a green honorary cord to show your commitment to sustainability in both your professional and personal life.

Once you have attended a qualifying event, please fill out this form.(opens in new window)

Celebrate Sustainably with Plastic Free Confetti!!

glitter is litterThe use of conventional glitter is recognized widely as an issue by the CSU system. During the period up to graduation day, a significant number of students utilize glitter products, which ends up affecting wildlife and entering the campus riparian corridor. To combat this issue, Green Campus is offering an alternative option; compostable paper confetti.

What makes glitter so bad for the environment?

How glitter affects our water ways 

*Note that alternative glitter is open to all students!