Sustainability at Chico State

Boards and More

Boards and Scooters are allowed in the new bike path!

Skateboard Parking Locations

Below is a map of Main Campus with skateboard parking locations marked in red. These two racks require a person to use a padlock or cable lock on the rings on the rack to keep the board secure. More skateboard parking racks will be installed on campus in the future and more information about that will be posted here as the project moves forward. 

Map of the skateboard parking locations around campus

Blue-Light Phone Locations

While walking around campus you will find Blue Light Emergency Phones. These emergency phones have a red button on the face and pressing this red button will dial 911 and also ring the University Police Department. By doing this, UPD will be alerted to your position automatically. If you spend a lot of time walking through campus, especially at night, please review this map and learn the locations of these Blue Light Phones. 

Map of emergency blue lights around campus

Alternative Parking Permits

  • Carpooling

    In order to qualify for a carpool permit, applicants must meet certain criteria: 

    1. Carpool privileges are not available to Chico residents.
    2. A registered carpool group must consist of at least two CSU, Chico students and/or employees sharing one car AT ALL TIMES.
    3. Each student applicant must attach a class schedule with full name on the class schedule.
    4. At least one applicant must possess a valid semester permit.
    5. Only one carpool permit will be issued per carpool group.
    6. There can be as many as four applicants per group on an application form.
    7. Applicants cannot belong to multiple carpool groups. 

    If you are interested in applying for a carpool permit, fill out the printable application and return it to the University Police Department at the corner of W. 2nd & Chestnut by calling 530-898-5555

  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles:

    Electric vehicle parking is located on the top floor of the parking structure, W. 2nd and Chestnut. These stalls are reserved for specific permits, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. They are open for general use after 5 p.m.. A CSUC parking permit is required.