Sustainability at Chico State

On Campus


Walking is a quick and easy way to get around campus with multiple bridges to help you cross the creek between the north and south sides of campus. It only takes 10 minutes to walk between Plumas Hall and Arts & Humanities, and 10 minutes between Langdon and Holt Hall.


Whether you're biking, skateboarding, or scootering, there are a couple of paths you can take on campus to get where you need to go. There is a path(opens in new window) for riders between the east and west sides of campus located right next to the creek while Warner Street provides access from North to South. Bike parking(opens in new window) is also everywhere on campus, plus we now have newly installed skateboard/scooter racks.


UPD Campus Connection Shuttle

Campus Connection is a free shuttle service provided by the University Police Department to ensure students can safely get home from campus at night. The shuttle runs from PM to midnight 7 days a  week. Simply wait at a designated stop(opens in new window) along the Campus Connection route in order to be picked up. You will then be dropped off at another designated stop. To find out more visit

Campus Connection Shuttle. (opens in new window)

Campus Blue Lights

There are emergency Blue Light Phones at exterior locations throughout the campus. The Blue Light Phones automatically dial 9-1-1 and ring directly into the CSU, Chico Police Department when the button is pushed. If you are ever feeling unsafe, head to one of the phones, press the button and someone from UPD will come escort you home safely.

Map Of Campus Blue Lights(opens in new window)

Riding Through Campus Safely

  • Yield to pedestrians
  • All wheels must be walked on campus - unless on designated bike path
  • Keep one ear free - don't wear both earphones
  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear bike lights and reflective gear when riding at night
  • Be seen, be heard, and get a bike bell
  • Eye's on the road, no texting and riding!!!
  • Have at least one hand on the handle bars

Safety for Riders

  • Call UPD if there are any major injuries (530)898-5555
  • If there are no major injuries, safely move out of the way of any traffic
  • If injured, stay on the scene until help arrives
  • Learn how to fall: protect your head, and let your body roll
    • Don't extend arms to stop fall
  • Register your bike with UPD
  • When locking your bike, make sure the frame and both wheels are locked to the bike rack