Sustainability at Chico State

Ride... Bikes!

Riding Through Campus

In August 2019, a pilot bike path was opened running east-west along the north side of Big Chico Creek, connecting to City bike paths on either end.  The GEOG 436 Transportation Planning course studied the path and made recommendations for improvement (PDF).  In December 2020, funding was awarded as part of the President's Strategic Plan(opens in new window) to make the path permanent! In August 2021, those permanent improvements were put into place including green paint, re-paving problem areas, and signage.

Campus and community members should note that bikes, skateboards, and scooters are only permitted to be ridden along the designated path.  Riders should walk their bikes, boards, and scooters when outside of the path.  

map of pilot bike path through campus

Bike Riding Do's and Dont's:

  • Remember pedestrians have the right of way
  • Follow lane markings, use hand signals, and announce passing
  • Ride with traffic, not against
  • Be courteous 
  • Make yourself visible
  • Be predictable
  • Use lights at night (it’s the law!) 
  • Be alert 
  • Ride with both headphones in
  • Tow anything behind your bicycle
  • Assume that pedestrians or vehicles see you
  • Ride on sidewalks 

Bike Resources

  • Lock, Register, Report

    Lock: Make sure to properly lock your bike which means making sure it's attached to a fixed object. The best way to do this is to use a U-Lock to lock the frame of your bike to the object, then use a cable lock to attack your front tire to your U-Lock as shown in this diagram (JPG).  

    Register:  Register your bike (FOR FREE) with the City of Chico(opens in new window) to increase the chances it will be returned should it be stolen. 

    Report:  Make sure to report any theft and vandalism so Chico and University Police know where the problem hot spots are and can make safety improvements.  If on campus, you can simply call UPD at 530-898-5555

  • Bike Lockers
    There are a total of 17 bike lockers on the Chico State campus - five at the new science building and 12 on the northeast side of the library.  Bike lockers are available to rent on a per semester basis for $30/semester and are first come, first serve.  You can reserve your locker or have your name added to the waitlist at the Student Financial Services office in the Student Services Center (SSC) room 230.
  • AS Bike Cart
    The Associated Students Bike Cart(opens in new window) is a super easy and convenient way to have simple maintenance done on your bike while you work or attend class.  The Bike Cart has been on a COVID hiatus but will be making a comeback in the fall 2021 semester!
  • Maps

    Find the quickest and safest route through Chico with the City's bike map (PDF) which includes maps of Bidwell Park. 

    You can also search for routes using Google maps, just make sure to check bicycle as your mode of transit!

  • Riding with Traffic
    • ALWAYS ride with traffic and not against it
    • Make eye contact with drivers
    • Be predictable - try not to swerve all over the road!
    • Cyclists should ride far enough away from parked vehicles to avoid being hit by an opening door
    • Use designated bicycle lanes and paths - never ride on the sidewalk!

    Watch this short video on riding with traffic(opens in new window)

  • Check your Quick ABC's


    • Make sure your quick releases (usually on tires and seats) are closed and pointing to the back so you don't lose anything as you ride


    • Inflate tires to the pressure listed on the side of the tire using pressure gauge
    • Check for damage on tread and replace if damaged


    • Inspect pads for wear; replace if less than ¼" of pad is left
    • Make sure pads do not rub the tire or rim 
    • Make sure you can fit your thumb between the brake lever and handlebar when the brakes are squeezed all the way


    • Tighten your chain if loose
    • Clear your chain of dirt, rust, and gunk
    • Lube your chain for a smooth ride

    Watch this short video on how to check your ABCs(opens in new window)

Bicycle Friendly University

league of american bicyclists logoIn fall 2020, Chico State applied to be a Bike Friendly University(opens in new window) (BFU) through the League of American Bicyclists(opens in new window) (LAB).  For anyone who regularly rides a bike to Chico State, it probably won't be a surprise to learn that we were not recognized as a BFU and instead received an honorable mention.  This was also not a surprise for the Alternative Transportation Subcommittee of the Campus Sustainability Committee(opens in new window). Fortunately, t he LAB provided a detailed feedback report (PDF) as well as the comments from the public survey (PDF) that highlight the areas in need of improvement if Chico State is to become a recognized BFU. With this report and comments from the public, the BFU Implementation Plan (PDF) was created to act as a roadmap for the future, guiding Chico State to BFU Status.