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Math And Teaching on the Horizon

The Project MATH program builds on CSU, Chico’s long tradition of innovation in the preparation of teachers. In fact, we think you will find that few, if any universities offer prospective mathematics teachers the type of opportunities provided by CSU, Chico.

Through their three semesters of Project MATH, students participate in a weekly seminar which serves as the focal point for the intentional community we are creating. Our shared interests and experiences help us form a bond, one that extends beyond the actual seminar. It allows us to support each other as we work through a sometimes demanding course schedule. Research and experience have shown us the value of this system of support.

Additionally, Project MATH students have the opportunity to work closely with secondary teachers from the community to begin their transition from students of mathematics to teachers of mathematics. Connected to the seminar is an early field experience in local junior high and high school classrooms. This gives the Project MATH students an opportunity to make connections between what they are learning in the seminar and a math classroom.

CSU, Chico students interested in becoming mathematics teachers are supported by scholarships from the Mathematics and Science Teaching Initiative (MSTI), as well as the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program. Read more on our Financial Aid and Scholarships(opens in new window).

Scholarship applications from Project MATH students are considered favorably since involvement in Project MATH indicates a commitment to becoming a teacher. In fact, we have scholarship money dedicated to incoming freshmen who are accepted into Project MATH.

Program Features

  • Experiences in public schools throughout undergraduate careers
  • Seminars in math education
  • Mentoring by secondary math teachers and math faculty members
  • Math education conferences and workshops.