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Center for Mathematics and Science Education

K-12 Student Outreach Programs

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education helps to coordinate many activities and programs for K-12 students. First and foremost, our goal is to provide opportunities for students that will help them gain deeper understanding of science and mathematics principles. We hope that by providing worthwhile experiences that are at the same time fun and exciting, students will continue their pursuits of scientific study.

We offer a vast array of opportunities for students to become engaged in science and mathematics. Our most popular program is a classroom science program presented in the Hands-On Lab(opens in new window) in room 206 of the Physical Science Building on the CSU, Chico campus. This program offers at least six science labs per week during the university academic year.

Other field trip opportunities are held on a regular, but less frequent schedule. For instance, each spring we have an annual Math Field Day devoted to 8th – 10th grade students experiencing mathematics in a university setting. The afternoon has the students placed in random groups participating in fun, problem solving activities.

Each January we host an Expanding Your Horizons conference for middle school girls. The goal of this program is to encourage girls to continue taking science and math classes throughout high school. The day contains sessions presented by women from the community who work in science and math-related careers.

Recently, during the summer we have hosted science camps for elementary school children in the area. CMSE periodically offers its Hands-on Museum to visitors of the Chico Museum.

Other Field Trips(opens in new window): The CSU, Chico campus offers many additional opportunities for K-12 classroom field trips that center around mathematics and/or science. Please contact each office directly to make your reservations.