Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Undergraduate Research Working Group

The Undergraduate Research Working Group (URWG) is a community of committed faculty and staff engaging in discussions to build support for undergraduate research and continue to expand the understanding of its value to student success at Chico State.

The URWG will meet monthly during the academic year 2019-2020. We invite all interested participants and ask that members attend meetings regularly to support the advancement of ideas and maintain continuity through the academic year. It is recognized that not all will be available for the scheduled meetings. You are invited to stay current on the meeting notes to be posted on this page and offer suggestions through email if you like.

Scheduled meetings are listed below and locations will be determined and listed as available.

  • 8/28/19 - 4-5pm
  • 9/11/19 - 4-5pm
  • 10/2/19 - 4-5pm