Jeffrey C. Barnett


Jeffrey C. Barnett is Professor of Romance Languages and serves as the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program Head at Washington and Lee University. Since 1989 he has taught classes on language, culture, and literature both domestically and abroad, including courses on the Spanish-American novel of the Boom, Caribbean literature, and literary translation. His articles on Spanish-American narrative and comparative literary studies have appeared in journals in Spain, Latin America, and the U.S. He has translated a diverse selection of Latin American authors, ranging from the short stories of Carlos Fuentes to the epic poetry of Martín del Barco Centenera. Currently he is translating Rebaños (2010), a volume of poetry by Cuban author Zurelys Lopez Amaya. Uva de Aragón's The Memory of Silence marks his first book length translation. He has lived in Honduras, Mexico, and Spain. When not in the classroom or translating, he spends his time riding cross country on his motorcycle to find inspiration for his blog "From the Road: The Moto-Odysseys of the Big Papi." 

Jeff on Motorcycle

Portrait of Jeffrey C. Barnett