Distribution Services

United States Postal Service

Distribution Services is responsible for the sortation, distribution, and processing of United States Postal Service® (USPS®) mail for campus staff and faculty. USPS is the only carrier that is able to deliver to Domestic Post Office Boxes.

Metered Mail

Place USPS® mail that needs postage inside of the Distribution Services Mailbag.

Remember to:

  • Orient the mailpieces in the same direction
  • Separate Domestic Mail from International Mail
  • Nest envelope flaps which require sealing
  • Personal mail is not accepted or handled by Distribution Services

Pre-paid & Stamped Mail

Place USPS® mail that is pre-paid and stamped inside of the Distribution Services Mailbag.

Remember to:

  • Separate pre-paid and stamped from mailpieces that need metering
  • Personal pre-paid and stamped mail is not accepted or handled by Distribution Services

Envelope Sealing

Distribution Services can seal envelopes during the process of applying metered postage.

Remember to:

  • Open & nest flaps that you would like sealed
  • The address block should be parallel to the envelope flap

International Mail

International Mail may require USPS Customs Forms(opens in new window) which need to be completed online at USPS.com(opens in new window). Please refer to the USPS Customs Form Indicator Tool(opens in new window) to identify if Customs Forms are required.

Remember to:

  • Separate International Mail from Domestic Mail
  • Sign & Date the Customs Form

Extra and Additional Services

Extra services are enhancements that, for a fee in addition to postage, provide greater security and accountability for mail, convenience to the sender, or improved handling. Not all extra services are available for all classes of mail and only certain services may be combined for the same mailpiece.

Remember to:

  • Prepare your forms before giving us your mailpiece

Certified Mail

Provides the sender with mailing receipt. Delivery record is maintained by USPS.

Usually this is combined with return receipt.

Return Receipt

Provides sender with evidence of delivery (to whom the mail was delivered and date of delivery).


Distribution Services maintains an inventory of USPS Priority Mail® packaging at no cost (University business only).

Email distribution@csuchico.edu or call us at 530-898-5115 to request USPS Priority Mail® supplies.

USPS Corporate Signature is a trademark of the United States Postal Service and is used with permission.