Distribution Services

Inbound Receiving


  • All packages are opened and goods are verified against purchase orders to confirm quantity and accuracy of goods.
  • Goods are inspected for damage and/or other irregularities. Distribution Services will notify the department if this occurs and it is the responsibility of the department to contact the vendor.
  • Data is entered into the CMS Purchase Order system. This authorizes Accounts Payable to pay invoices for the goods received. When goods are delivered directly to the department, or picked up, the department must notify Distribution Services in writing via email at Distribution Services that the goods have been received. In most cases, Distribution Services personnel will need to verify the shipment onsite so that the purchase order may be closed for payment.
  • Goods are tracked, routed, and are generally delivered within 48 hours from the date of receipt. Bar code scanning equipment and software is used to track orders and collect an acceptance signature.
  • Departments should contact Distribution Services via email at distribution@csuchico.edu or call 530-898-5115 for any unusual circumstances about an upcoming delivery, such as if the package should be refused, or if the package looks like a personal item, but it is for the department.