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Financial Services COVID-19 Processes

Due to the current public health emergency, Chico State has moved to virtual services and remote workstations until further notice. This page will answer some frequently-asked questions and summarize changes within our Financial Services departments regarding contacts, workflows and procedures.

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  • Accounts Payable

    The Accounts Payable office is working remotely Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Procurement and Payment Specialists dedicated to each campus department continue to provide primary support for all “procure-to-pay” needs. Visit (opens in new window)for assignment and contact information.

    The date for suspended non-essential international and domestic travel for faculty, staff, and students has been updated from June 30, 2021 to June 1, 2021. President Hutchinson has the authority to approve exceptions, and circumstances will be weighed carefully when considering exception requests. Following the Chancellor’s Office memo of June 25, 2020, system-wide meetings and conferences will continue in a virtual mode through June 30, 2021. Click here (PDF) to see definition of “essential.”

    Many of you have already reached out for assistance with closing out travel activity related to canceled trips. At this time, we are still looking to personally assist with this type of activity as each transaction has some unique elements. Please reach out to the AP team for assistance with steps to ensure canceled trips are closed out.

    • Please ensure all reservations have been canceled in order to ensure the campus does not incur unnecessary costs (i.e. first night hotel stay for late cancel).
    • Please seek all applicable refunds for conference registrations. Refunded amounts should be made payable to CSU Chico and mailed to CSU Chico, Cashier’s Office, 940 W First St, Chico, CA 95929-0242. Please alert AP at and the cashier team at about pending refunds. We will work together to ensure the refunds are recorded accurately to offset original costs.
    • The Accounts Payable and Accounting teams will be identifying and re-directing costs associated with canceled trips to one specific fund, for campus tracking purposes. This means the costs incurred for trips that did not occur due to COVID-19, will not be charged to department funds.

      Travel credit cards have been temporarily suspended.
    • This will not affect any pending credits/refunds coming back to card for canceled travel (i.e. registration fees).
    • Cards will be re-activated when travel suspension is lifted at a later date.

    Concur Travel & Expense online platform
    The pause in travel activity has presented an opportunity to migrate remaining departments away from the paper travel process.
    • When travel resumes, all employee travel will occur within the Concur Travel & Expense electronic platform. (Exception: Guest/Non-employee travel (students and interviewees). Guest travel is scheduled to be addressed in late Fall 2020.
    • Those departments who were scheduled to be migrated in the fall, will be migrated by mid-April. This will allow time to train users and ensure completion of profiles in the software before travel activity resumes. Please see When Does My Department Go Live?(opens in new window) for an updated list of which areas will be migrated in April.
    • It is understood that this is a shift for all involved and we are looking forward to working with and supporting you all in this transition.
    We will be reaching out directly to each college/unit AAS to discuss department specific training options. In addition, campus employees who travel or support travel, can register to attend a virtual training through CSU Learn.
    • Concur Overview Training – Live, virtual, overview of the software and the travel lifecycle within this platform.
    • Concur “Ask an Expert” Open Lab – Live, virtual, opportunity to work on updating a profile, demonstration on how to utilize the software to start a travel request, book travel reservations, and complete an expense report.
    • Concur Module Training – Recorded trainings about key components of utilizing Concur software. Learn how to update a profile, start a travel request, reconcile travel credit card activity, complete an expense report, and steps for canceling travel or updating a travel request to close out or cancel a trip. Note: these resources are under construction and will be loaded to CSU Learn as soon as they are complete.
    • Concur booking tool (tied to CalTravelStore) profiles will be inactivated. Users with profiles will receive a generic email from Concur notifying them their email address has been changed from to This email can be ignored, but signals the profile has been inactivated.

    If approved invoices are sent via email, they will be reviewed for payment processing. Please do not send a hardcopy of invoices submitted electronically, as we want to avoid duplicated efforts. In addition, please have the authorized signature authority for your department electronically sign the document or communicate what is being approved in their approval email (i.e. vendor name and amount). Given the environment, we want to be diligent about ensuring confirmation of expense approval.

    We have created a temporary workflow process where you can “drop” approved invoices in a designated Box folder for the AP team. We will retrieve those invoices and continue processing for payment if they are complete and have appropriate approvals, if required. We are hopeful this will assist with expediting review and processing of invoices and cut down on internal shuffling of documents via email. If you have any questions about this option, contact your designated Payment Specialist(opens in new window) or and we will get you access to this folder.  

    ProCard use remains the same. Contact your Procurement Specialist for code issues, limit changes, or general use questions. Reconciliation should be done using CFS. If feasible, please scan all receipts and forward the digital reconciliation package to This submission should include the reconciliation summary form with electronic signature or email approval email from the cardholder's approving official. If receipts cannot be scanned for electronic submission please contact Janita at to discuss delivery options.

    Until further notice, the Petty Cash reimbursement process is suspended. If you need to purchase something that you will be requesting reimbursement for, please contact your designated buyer to discuss before purchase is made.
    Please consider signing up for direct deposit for Accounts Payable reimbursements. If you are already signed up for direct deposit through Payroll, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF) form.

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting

    The Financial Accounting & Reporting team is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Voicemails will route to individual emails for each staff member.

    Call: 530-898-5103 (voicemail only)

    Please submit all requests via the FAR email address above and team members will respond via email or schedule a phone call to discuss any questions you may have. This includes communication for requests for journal entries, inquiries regarding transactions in Insight or the CFS Data Warehouse, inquiries about billing, and any other item requiring assistance.

    CAF documents can be passed to service centers via email. Fillable versions of the CAF documents can be found on our Forms(opens in new window) page.

  • Procurement & Contract Services

    Procurement and Payment Specialists are available remotely Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. They will continue to provide primary support for all “procure-to-pay” needs and can help with the acquisition of University related purchases.

    Visit in new window) for assignment and contact information.

    Purchase requisitions for supplies and services should be submitted via CFS (PeopleSoft) online. Attachments, (quotes, forms, contracts, etc.) can either be attached to the requisition within CFS, or emailed directly to the department’s Procurement Specialist. 

    Electronic & Information Technology purchases still require the submission and approval of ITPR prior to purchase. Visit IT Procurement Review(opens in new window) for information. 

    Cancellation or delay for items or services already contracted can be complex. Your Department Procurement Specialist can help with the legal language and work through the options with the supplier. Reach out to them as soon as possible for help if needed. 

    To facilitate the acquisition of needed office supplies during telecommuting (paper, pens, ink for printer, etc.) staff are encouraged to make purchases through the StaplesAdvantage Personal Purchase Program with their personal credit card and have items shipped directly to their home address. Please refer to our web page(opens in new window) for the most up-to-date instructions and reimbursement procedures.

    Items purchased for University business should only be shipped to the University’s Shipping & Receiving department. Shipping items to a home or off-campus address using University funds is not allowed.  Please contact your Procurement Specialist for help. Visit Shipping & Receiving website at in new window) for more information or call 530-898-5115 to arrange pickup.   

    Notary Services are suspended until further notice.

If you don't find the information you are looking for here, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to each department.

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