Graduate Studies

Thesis/Project Submission

Understand your responsibilities, the process for submitting your thesis/project, and the various components involved, from initial submission to degree evaluation.

Process 1

Preliminary Review

We recommend each student do the following before submitting your thesis/project:

  1. Review all information on the Thesis/Project web pages.
  2. Use the example editable on the Formatting webpage to assist you.
  3. Meet with your graduate advisory committee chair for guidance.
  4. Professional formatters may be available (see below).
  5. Contact with specific questions or to request an individual appointment.

Process 2

Student's Final Submission of Thesis/Project

Please review the Instructions for the Final Submission. (PDF) (PDF) The student will be responsible for submitting the completed and signed Thesis/Project Final Verification web form.

The student must also submit the following to

  • PDF of the Thesis/Project (save as T/P, Last Name, First Name)
  • PDF copies of copyright permissions, if applicable

Process 3

Final Clearance by Office of Graduate Studies

  • Thesis/Project received for final approval will not be accepted if any of the final submission documents (see above) are missing.
  • All theses/projects must follow the specific guidelines established by the Office of Graduate Studies per Guide to Graduate Studies and Procedures.
  • The Office of Graduate Studies will allow one final edit of each thesis/project if the revisions are cosmetic and not content related.
  • Thesis/Project not in compliance with all aspects of both the University format and departmental style guide requirements may be rejected. Note: Candidates for graduation will not be cleared if out of compliance and will be required to reapply for graduation for a subsequent semester.
  • The Office of Graduate Studies will not allow for any extensions to the submission deadline. Rare exceptions deemed an emergency will be reviewed by the Dean.

Process 4

Degree Evaluations

The student’s academic record will be reviewed before clearance of the master’s degree by Academic Evaluators to confirm that all degree requirements have been met.

Contact the evaluators with any questions or concerns regarding your graduation check and degree clearance.

  • Sarah Lehner, Master's Degree Evaluator for students with last names beginning with A-H
  • Meredith Huddleson, Master's Degree Evaluator for students with last names beginning with I-Z