Graduate Studies

Ginger Alonso selected for 2018-19 Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program

Ginger Alonso in cap and gown at 2018 CSU, Chico Master's Commencement Ceremony.

CSU, Chico Master's graduate Ginger Alonso was selected as a 2018-2019 Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP) recipient.

Alonso came to CSU Chico as a graduate student in the Political Science program several years after relocating to Chico from New England in 2010. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Government at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and, although she studied politics as an undergraduate, it was at CSU Chico that Alonso developed the research and teaching skills to see a doctoral degree as an attainable goal. Alonso wrote and defended a thesis on the impact of medical schools on physician access in the United States. She will be attending the doctoral program in Political Science at UC Davis in the fall and intends to focus on American politics. Her research interests include American history and institutions, and the impact of social policies and/or the lack thereof. She is particularly interested in the factors behind rural rural physician shortages. While at CSU Chico, Alonso also served on the Butte Glenn Medical Society Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force and the Butte Glenn Medical Society Alliance. She tutored in the B.S.S. Student Success Center, served as a consultant and moderator at Town Hall and participated in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Student Ambassador Program.

Alonso first learned about the CDIP through a poster on an office door in Butte Hall and then obtained specific information and help from the MA graduate coordinator, Dr. Matt Thomas. Her faculty mentor is Dr. Diana Dwyre, Political Science and POLS Internship Coordinator and 2018 CSU Professional Achievement Honors recipient. Alonso is excited to work with Dr. Dwyre as she begins this new adventure, and looks forward to the day when students visit her office hours to engage in discussions about American politics and scan the books packed in like sardines on her shelves